DaVinci Deal: Free Priority Shipping, and Grinder

When I come across a great deal for the DaVinci Vape I plan on sharing it ASAP. Well, now is one of those times. I’ve found a deal you absolutely can not pass up if you have yet to pick up a DaVinci Vaporizer.Over at there is currently a deal that will get you the following: Free Custom Pelican Case: The EZVapes DaVinci Vape Pelican Sport Case is a heavy duty case with custom foam to... read more

Info and How To Collect on the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Ok guys, so a lot to cover here. I’m gonna go over the warranty information first and then tell you what to do should the need ever arise to utilize said coverage. First thing you need to know is that the batteries are not covered in the two-year warranty. They only have a 90 day limited warranty attached to them, so heads up on this little nuance. Everything else will be covered, provided you... read more

Best Temperature

This nifty little devil of a vape definitely has a fiery temper when it comes to the heating element, and without careful procedure, you’re not going to get the most out of your sessions. That’s what I’m here to help you with. First of all, the heat up time is going to be short and sweet, and you don’t want to jump right into a higher-to-max setting right away lest you end up with... read more

Ascent Vaporizer Review

The Ascent. What a name. Makes you think of Everest or somethin’ and some long journey to the top. But we’re not talking mountains of rock here, we’re talking mountains of vapor. And that is a darn near-close description of just how fruitful and efficacious the new Ascent vaporizer happens to be. Lucky me, I got one not long ago on a limited pre-release to play with and share my thoughts... read more

DaVinci Vape vs. VaporBLUNT 2.0

One of the new kids on the block, the VaporBLUNT 2.0 improves on the original design in almost every way, but how does it stack up against the DaVinci? Price/Aesthetics So basically you’re looking at a $50 price difference with the Davinci edging out the VaporBlunt 2.0 at $199.99 vs. $249.99. Of course then this begs the question, which will be most worth the value? That my friends, is what we will... read more

Ascent Vaporizer: What We Know So Far

Are you ready for the Ascent? That’s the question many a vape enthusiast have been asking themselves, and I’m pretty sure they all have concluded YES. Let’s go over what we know about one of the latest-and-greatest upcoming vapes on the scene. First off is the price, which we don’t have yet. But you can safely assume something a bit over the $200 that the company’s flagship... read more

Best Places to Use the DaVinci Vaporizer

Being as portable as it is, the DaVinci Vape opens some doors in terms of places you can use it. I wanted to list the top 5 places I’ve used mine without any trouble. Concerts If you can get it inside, the DaVinci vaporizer is a great vape to use among huge crowds. The vapor is never too overbearing as far as smell and the small hand held design can easily be hidden. I’ve used this a few times,... read more

Tips and Tricks

Before Use: When packing the DaVinci Vape you can actually take an oil can and use it to pack your material down. The oil can is the exact size of the chamber, well a tiny bit smaller, so it can fit down to pack the material in whereas your finger can’t. Always use the mini cleaning brush to make sure there is no material leftover anywhere inside the chamber. Any leftover material still resting in... read more

How to Clean the DaVinci Vape

When you are finished using your DaVinci Vape give it at least 15 minutes to cool down. The chamber will be pretty hot, as well as the vaporizer itself. Once it is cooled down open up the herb chamber and dump out whatever used material that will drop right out. You can remove whatever left over material remains by using the non-brush end of the mini cleaning brush and scraping the bottom and sides of the... read more

DaVinci Vape VS ThermoVape T1

The ThermoVape T1 is one of the newer portable vaporizers depending on rechargeable batteries that are recharged externally. The usual advantage to these is super fast heat up times, the T1 is no different. So let’s see how it compares to the DaVinci Vape. Vapor Quality The T1 vape delivers a mediocre vapor quality at best. I found that I had to hold the battery chamber in far too long to get the... read more

DaVinci Vape: How to Use the Oil Cans

When you first open your DaVinci Vaporizer you have two small oils cans included, for when you want to vaporize essential oils and concentrates with your new vaporizer. There aren’t two simply to give you a spare, they are used in two separate ways. One oil can comes with a small wick inside, which is there to soak up any oils or liquids you might want to vaporizer. While the other oil can is... read more

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