Ascent Vaporizer FAQ

Ascent vaporizer

Does the Ascent make a lot of noise when heating up?

In a word. No. In a few more words, not at all. Like it’s big brother The DaVinci, it runs silent. This makes it ideal for the ultimate discretion in hand-held vaping.

How big is the Ascent?

The Ascent is about the size of a typical higher end mobile device like but a bit thicker and heavier – so definitely pocket size. Although the Ascent is not as small as a pen style vape, the trade off is that it offers more advanced functionality and features than any dry herb pen can give you.

What is the best temperature to use with the Ascent Vape?

A good place to start would be 395 degrees Fahrenheit. I find it should be ran a skosh higher than The DaVinci as rule, with exceptions to be made of course depending on the specific moisture level and other minute variables of the material you are currently vaping.

How do I clean the Ascent Vape?

Being all glass-on-glass, cleaning this thing is a real breeze. You have two glass stems, one from the top, the other from the bottom. Remove each and soak in ISO. The herb chamber can be brushed out with the included tool (or swabbed out with a q-tip, depending on how thorough of a job you feel like doing), and the upper screen can be easily brushed or replaced. A faintly damp cloth with water can be used to give the exterior it’s original factory shimmer. The oil cans need to be carefully maintained in order to preserve their functionality, so a bath in ISO after each session is strenuously advised.

How Long is the battery life on the Ascent Vape?

First the reports all came out and said 4 hours, but then the manufacturer now seems to be sticking with the number 3, so I would say in the interest of accuracy, the truth lies somewhere in between those two.

What’s a good temperature to use as a guideline for concentrates/oils?

Anything above 400 degrees fahrenheit will probably be your best bet to get the optimal results from your concentrates.

Does the Ascent Vape get as hot as the DaVinci while in use?

Very good question to ask. With the heating vents now down along the bottom side of the device, there is much less chance of them being obstructed by your digits and hand, thereby allowing the Ascent to stay cooler longer. Of course there will be an element of heat though(pun intended).

Is there a manufactuer’s warranty on the Ascent Vape?

Yes. There’s a two year limited warranty on the device but you must register for it on the website. Do this as soon as you buy it. The batteries carry a 90 day warranty.

Is there a water attachment available for purchase for the Ascent Vape?

Not at present, but if one does hit the market, we’ll be the first to tell you.

What are all the styles/colors available for the Ascent Vape?

Burl Wood(think wood/lacquer type of glossy finish), Stealth(all black) and Croc Skin(silver base unit with a black swath of faux croc skin running down the middle

Which is smaller the DaVinci Vape or The Ascent Vape?

The DaVinci is smaller and more of a box whereas the Ascent is longer and more rectangle. The DaVinci is more durable and more portable, but the Ascent is handily superior from a functional and results based standpoint.

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  • SG420

    Can the batteries later be changed or sent in to be changed after long periods of use when they stop holding a charge?

    • cj5426

      i think they cover their batteries int he warranty so if it stops charging they replace it

  • ian

    Can i buy replacement batteries ?

    • cj5426

      I don’t think they sold replacement batteries for the DaVinci, so I doubt they’ll sell them for the ascent

  • bob

    My ascent in from Amsterdam and I lost the charger… I had to use a converter to charge it with the supplied charger… Can a regular charger work?