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On April 29, 2013
Last modified:November 17, 2015


The DaVinci vaporizer was a huge leap forward in portable vaporizing with how many features it had crammed into such a small package. Now with the Ascent they have changed the game again making it smaller and more efficient, while offering one of the best portable vaporizing experiences money can buy.

The Ascent. What a name. Makes you think of Everest or somethin’ and some long journey to the top. But we’re not talking mountains of rock here, we’re talking mountains of vapor. And that is a darn near-close description of just how fruitful and efficacious the new Ascent vaporizer happens to be. Lucky me, I got one not long ago on a limited pre-release to play with and share my thoughts on.

First off, when you see this thing, you don’t look at it, you behold it. Now I was always a fan of the DaVinci’s sleekness and streamlined design, but this thing just ups the ante to a whole other level. I mean, the DaVinci could be comparable to say, a walkman from the days of old.

This new model, The Ascent, looks like an mp3 player or phone, hands down, and that is always a plus when it comes to having a vape that is not only portable, but also discreet to boot. I mean, who carries around a walkman anymore, ya know? The OLED is another step up, and was shining brightly for me when I first fired it up and happened to be standing in direct sunlight. Sweet. The batteries on the Ascent Vaporizer are dual rechargeable lithium-ion and they look to be easily replaced when that time comes and they have no more juice to give. The sticker on the unit is a bit more than we originally were led to believe, retailing at $250, so let us continue on our journey here and see if the price of admission is worth the vista at the summit of our ascent.

Needless to say, I fired it up to get the heat rolling. Nice chilled out tint to the screen I might add.. Diggin’ it. On the smaller bottom side of the unit there is a vent which is a really nifty place to stick it, because unlike the DaVinci, you’re not going to have to duck and dodge the radiating heat anywhere near as much while holding it. A little release is down there to, which then opens the swivel, and the chamber pleasantly unfolds into view. Very dynamic stylings here. The digital readout is of course a total hit, and seems those are becoming more and more the standard in the industry. Hopefully that trend continues.

For my first heat up time on the Ascent, I went a bit high, and stuck with 400 degrees. I wanted to see just how fast this would take, and truth be told, my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Just about 60 seconds from ice cold. I tell you, the more I use and review these vapes, the faster they seem to be getting. I guess technology is happily ticking right along then within the vape market, huh?. Works for me especially too, since impatience is a trait that happens to run very deeply in the branches of my family tree, and we just can’t be bothered with waiting, heh. So getting on with it, the herb chamber is a flat-out great size! So important when you’re on the go, and need a judicious amount of material sealed up at the ready in your vape. Nice and wide, plus it was deep as well, which bodes well for the conduction aspect and resulting vapor production.

The screen is located on the bottom of the unit when the lower section is folded out, and can be easily gotten to and cleaned with the little tool they give you. Speaking of the tools, once again, you get to stow them on the device. Such a neat feature I wish more vape makers would employ. There’s also a little hook tool that you use to remove the all-glass oil cans that snuggle right up in the chamber should the need to “concentrate” your efforts arise. This tiny feature makes a huge difference, and really spares you the cumbersome task of getting them out of such a tight-fitting compartment(good thing really, secure).

Now, I had seen pictures of the extendable all-glass stem, and was anxious to give this process a shot and see how agreeable it was. Well, I had to get a purchase on the thing before I pulled it out which seemed tricky at first, but once I understood how to grab it, my issue went up in smoke, er vapor. Lovin’ it! Personally speaking, I’m a big proponent of glass, and try to stay away from rubber or any type of plastic whenever possible. Glass just adds a whole new dimension to the taste and overall experience of any device, and this is where the Ascent lurches ahead of it’s predecessor, and really knocks the ball over the fence.

Give me a wide, retractable glass piece any day over bendy rubber that while durable, really retards the flavor of the vapor. Of course this would have been a compromise if the piece was only screw on or fixed in place. That would have seriously detracted from it’s portability. But nay! The glass stem slides away into the crux of the Ascent and thus is safe from all the would-be harm your dopey self would most likely inflict.

Now comes the creamy part. Milky, smoggy, misty, whatever. Point is, it was a hell of a weather front that blew in when pulling on this thing! I think the diameter of the pathway really plays a big part in the mother lode of vapor this thing imparts, and also the straight-run pathway that is a clean shot from the chamber to your taste buds helps it do its business like the cham-peen it undoubtedly is.

Look, I’m all for futuristic design, and ergonomic function, but if it ain’t bringin’ it when it comes to the output, you won’t catch me singin’ it’s praises. The Ascent brought it. Straight to my skull cap. And that’s a double good on DaVinci because this thing is small by any vaporist’s standards. For a little guy to play so big with the clouds, you know someone’s doing their homework somewhere, and definitely getting something right.

I stirred the mix after about 4 nice draws, and then like magic, seemingly reset the process and eeked out 3 more robust clouds before the ol’ girl called it quits. Nothing like a stir tool a few centimeters big that somehow saves you untold amounts of unnecessary investment in vaping material. The glass never got any type of serious hot the entire session, and just for the heck of it, I retracted it, and hit right from the unit. It was just as productive, if a bit less ergonomical to crane your neck and extend to the unit itself as opposed to having the stem come to you.

All in all, it was a dream to use, and I can absolutely say without hesitation that the Ascent Vaporizer is my new numero uno portable device. Only time will tell what will come after this amazing new portable, but if this kind of progress is any indication, the next generation may not be that far off from the Star Trek TV series that bears the same name. Beam me up Snotty, I’m definitely onboard for the ride!

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  • No review on the oil cans?

    • Vape Forest

      We have a review of DaVinci’s Ascent at that covers the oil canisters. Be careful with those little suckers because they get extremely hot!

      Tip: you definitely want to use the provided metal sticks to grab the canisters when they’re hot (after having been used).

  • If you had the need to crane your neck forward rather than bring it closer to your face it’s definitely worth the $$$$ it sounds XD can’t wait… Too bad it got delayed again…

  • Real owner of one

    4 Star. It is a good vaporizer so far (only have it 1 month) with a good draw and adjustable temp is good, BUT, you WILL get small particles of whatever is in the heating chamber IN YOUR MOUTH. Also it will fall out the bottom. It seems to get messy and when you open it there is “crumbs” all over the place. Also be VERY careful with the glass tubes, I got one that was so brittle it broke in my hand with LITTLE pressure. These ARE NOT covered and they will NOT send you a new one. Plan on buying many of them and figure it in the cost (but extra right away!!) I would wait till they improve what could be a 5 star.

    • 1 month in

      put on of the provided tiny screens in the bottom and gently pat your botanical down with the end of a pen before vaping, should solve both your messiness problems. the tubes are definitely more fragile than they should be.

      • Steve

        Great when / if it works
        To DaVinci

        On Jan 28

        a lot of contemplation, on December 12 2013 I purchased what I thought
        would be the best quality vaporizer for my needs, a DaVinci Ascent. I
        purchased the unit at a premium price directly from the manufacturer to
        hopefully avoid any issues. I received the unit on 12/17 it only
        worked for 28 days, and I’ve read about countless failures on many forums. Some have had 4 or 5 or even more replaced with the same problem.

        Again on Mar 31

        DaVinci Ascent doesn’t get used every day, maybe 2 or 3 times a week
        for personal use, it’s never abused and is cleaned, and well cared for. I
        don’t buy cheap junk and expect the best, I spend my hard earned money
        on the best quality products to avoid problems with junk. I purchased
        the Ascent at a premium price, directly from Organicix and expected a
        quality product. When it arrived it seemed very sturdy and well built.
        but after less than 4 weeks use (probably a dozen times) the unit
        stopped heating and charging, Organicix said the unit was defective, I
        had to pay $20.00 to have it shipped back and wait for a replacement. My
        replacement unit was not constructed as well as the first, the charging
        plug does not fit very well and the outside case and trim pieces are
        sloppy and loose, but
        at least it worked! Now 7 weeks later my unit stopped heating, AGAIN,
        it still charges this time, but it’s useless. A $270.00 paper weight

        And again on June 9
        purchased the Ascent because I wanted a PORTABLE vaporizer. I hoped to
        bring it camping, front porch, garage, etc. But even with delicate
        handling and proper care and cleaning the Ascent fails miserably. This
        time my unit worked for 6 weeks, it was never even moved away from the
        table next to the couch along with the charger. (real portable) I was
        afraid to even move it to use it, There is no way you could ever take it
        anywhere! and of course it failed! These units are severely flawed,
        poorly designed, terribly assembled, junk. I DON’T LIKE BEING
        SCAMMED!!! Maybe for $40. but now I have just under $300. into this
        scam. How many good people (customers) have you burned?

  • BullishBill

    Davinci Ascent broke after 3 month got a new one from the company(new one with electric problem already) lasted 1 month , ive sent it back and i never got it back. Dont Trust Them.

  • Ana

    0 star. I’m a very disappointed customer. Bought this vaporizer for my bf as a Christmas gift. He used it less than 10 times. For some reason, battery died and won’t charge anymore. We were trying to contact Da Vinchi, but it seems they just don’t care since no one tried to get back to us. Would not recommend the product to anyone. I have to say that Da Vinchi’s customer service is very poor, and quality of the product is questionable.