Ascent Vaporizer: What We Know So Far

Ascent vaporizer

Ascent Vaporizer

Are you ready for the Ascent? That’s the question many a vape enthusiast have been asking themselves, and I’m pretty sure they all have concluded YES. Let’s go over what we know about one of the latest-and-greatest upcoming vapes on the scene.

First off is the price, which we don’t have yet. But you can safely assume something a bit over the $200 that the company’s flagship product the DaVinci Vape retails for considering this looks to be a major upgrade in many respects. Only time will tell, but if it delivers on all of it’s initial promise, I’m sure it will be easily worth the sticker price.

The design is sleek, and I mean Marty McFly Back to the Future Pt. 2 sleek. The flowing lines and glowing-soft, ultra-crisp digital read-out look to be something Doc Brown brought back in the Delorean for our enjoyment here in the present. It has a full digital readout for the temperature, and looks to max out at 430 degrees Fahrenheit which I’m sure is adequate for most anyone.

Expect fast heat up times for such a little device, as the trademarked Smart Temperature Technology controlling the ceramic heating element will no doubt deliver in spades. Don’t let the word ceramic throw you though, as it should be made clear this little beauty is 100% glass-on-glass, and for the experienced vape-head, you know just how positive a keynote that is. The extendable glass mouthpiece is removable and really is the only exposed area of vulnerability that one should be extra careful when handling.

The unit has a dual lithium-ion battery which is fully rechargeable (funny, so does this laptop I’m typing on), which really all but guarantees insane amounts of vaping time between charges. And for any doubters, just go ahead and see how long their DaVinci Vaporizer lasts you from a full tank of juice. You’ll see what I mean when the thing just keeps on truckin’ like that little pink bunny with shades on. The Ascent should easily be an industry leader in this department.

Right now they plan on 3 different colors for the Ascent.

Right now they plan on 3 different colors/finishes for the Ascent.

The unit is purportedly smaller than an iPhone 4, and comes in some really stylish skins such as real wood, carbon fiber or a chic croc skin. It’s backed by a standard 2 year warranty on all parts except the battery (90 days), so you’re definitely covered on the back end in this regard. Although initially thought to only be usable with dried herbs, it now has been made clear by the company that it will be compatible with oils and concentrates as well. The trick to watch for concerning this is if DaVinci means this statement only in the sense of having purchased an extraneous accessory, or if the base unit can and will support the function. As soon as we know, we’ll let you know. It’s also good to know that the unit runs completely silent while in use which really complements its compact specs and great portability.

The Ascent Vape by DaVinci looks to be a home run in every aspect, but of course this remains to be seen until the product launch and subsequent anecdotal evidence is compiled. Speaking of the release, it’s slated for sometime this month, which we hope is not a tentative estimate, but in any case, it should be right around the corner now, and is most definitely going to be one of the “must-haves” for the coming summer months. Here’s to some happy motorin’ with the Ascent!

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