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Best temperature to use with the DaVinci Vape

This nifty little devil of a vape definitely has a fiery temper when it comes to the heating element, and without careful procedure, you’re not going to get the most out of your sessions. That’s what I’m here to help you with.

First of all, the heat up time is going to be short and sweet, and you don’t want to jump right into a higher-to-max setting right away lest you end up with too much heat on your hands(take that statement literally too), and down your throat. I suggest starting out with a nice easy default setting, which is 375 degrees Fahrenheit for the first few initial pulls, and then ramping up 5 degrees or so for every subsequent pull thereafter. See how far you can go, but be careful, as this baby gets hot to the touch after so long.

The ramping up method is sometimes called ” vapor tasting ” and it allows you to work through your whole pack on a nice curve that doesn’t overheat the unit too quickly and sour the vaping experience. Starting out full strength from the beginning is most times going to end up burning your throat with the DaVinci as you continue to vape through the pack of material and cause a tap out before you get to finish the session.

Now for me personally, I find that 383 degrees Fahrenheit is my universal sweet spot and I can stay there for the duration and enjoy the whole pack. The caveat with doing this is that the more material you go through, the more heat you’re going to need to really get those last bits of potency out of your herb. So in conclusion, start out nice and even at the 375 degree default, and as you vape, slowly ratchet up the temperature using the above-stated increment to get the most efficient use out of your vaporizer and it’s relevant material. Happy Vapin’!

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  • CC

    Good advice. I like to start at 365°, then after the timer shuts it off after a few minutes, I turn it up to 380°-385° to finish it up. I don’t worry about getting every last bit of “potency” out since I save the ABV to repurpose later for tinctures or or other goods.

    Also, I know it’s recommended to “pack” your material tightly, but actually a loose pack seems to work much better as it allows for greater airflow inside the chamber.

  • D

    Please put temps in degrees C also.

  • rere

    how many drawls for a fill up?