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Tips and Tricks

Before Use: When packing the DaVinci Vape you can actually take an oil can and use it to pack your material down. The oil can is the exact size of the chamber, well a tiny bit smaller, so it can fit down to pack the material in whereas your finger can’t. Always use the mini cleaning brush to make sure there is no material leftover anywhere inside the chamber. Any leftover material still resting in... read more

How to Clean the DaVinci Vape

When you are finished using your DaVinci Vape give it at least 15 minutes to cool down. The chamber will be pretty hot, as well as the vaporizer itself. Once it is cooled down open up the herb chamber and dump out whatever used material that will drop right out. You can remove whatever left over material remains by using the non-brush end of the mini cleaning brush and scraping the bottom and sides of the... read more

DaVinci Vape VS ThermoVape T1

The ThermoVape T1 is one of the newer portable vaporizers depending on rechargeable batteries that are recharged externally. The usual advantage to these is super fast heat up times, the T1 is no different. So let’s see how it compares to the DaVinci Vape. Vapor Quality The T1 vape delivers a mediocre vapor quality at best. I found that I had to hold the battery chamber in far too long to get the... read more

DaVinci Vape: How to Use the Oil Cans

When you first open your DaVinci Vaporizer you have two small oils cans included, for when you want to vaporize essential oils and concentrates with your new vaporizer. There aren’t two simply to give you a spare, they are used in two separate ways. One oil can comes with a small wick inside, which is there to soak up any oils or liquids you might want to vaporizer. While the other oil can is... read more

DaVinci Vape VS Palm Vaporizer

The Palm Vaporizer is a brand new portable vape that is much like the Magic Flight Launch Box. It is highly portable, but at what cost? Does it have what it takes to turn your attention away from the DaVinci Vape? Let’s find out. Vapor Quality The Palm Vape delivers some cool and smooth vapor pulls, however, they are markedly smaller than you might be used to. I would say each pull from the Palm... read more

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