DaVinci Vape: How to Use the Oil Cans

When you first open your DaVinci Vaporizer you have two small oils cans included, for when you want to vaporize essential oils and concentrates with your new vaporizer. There aren’t two simply to give you a spare, they are used in two separate ways.

One oil can comes with a small wick inside, which is there to soak up any oils or liquids you might want to vaporizer. While the other oil can is completely empty, so you can insert concentrates or more waxy material into it. Once you load your specific oil can with your material of choice they are inserted into the small area in the lid of the herb chamber cap. The small screen you see on top unscrews to perfectly fit the oil can.

The can on the left is best for liquids and oils, while the can on the right is best for concentrates and solids.

Once you insert the oil can in there screw the screen cap back on and close the herb chamber. The temperature you vaporize at will depend on your preference, but it shouldn’t be far from the temp you vaporizer herbs at. For me it was the exact same temperature, 390° Fahrenheit.

From there you just use it as normal, except when you are done DO NOT try to clean out the oil cans right away. They will remain extremely hot for a good amount of time, so give it at least a half hour before cleaning out.

Drop the oil can into the DaVinci Vaporizer with the white top facing upwards.

Cleaning them is also really easy, simply drop them in some solvent or rubbing alcohol and let them soak. Then rinse them off with warm water, but use a strong stream of water so you can make sure it gets all the used material off.

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  • Dreamerr

    Why in the instructions it says to put the oil can in the top chamber but the picture shows it in the bottom?  Which one is correct?

  • Rlp

    what are you talking about dreamerr 😛 i just bought one of these, there is only 1 chamber to put it into

  • Dreamerr

     I was actually referring to the instructions above where they say upper chamber.  Of course the oil can doesn’t fit when you unscrew the screen on the top but that is how I read the instructions.  I was just wondering why.  I might have written it incorrectly.  I have had my DV a long time, original owner and love it so was just commenting.

  • Radiofi3nd

    i use the oil cans for my ground bud,  finely ground of course and never packed too tight to allow good airflow.  i figure i can keep my vape running cleaner that way.  i’m even considering maybe making the holes on the bottom of the oil cans just a tiny bit bigger for better airflow,  although it seems to work ok as it is, as long as i draw plenty of heat into the oil can.  maybe use screens at the bottom to stop any herb from leaking out.  we will see 🙂

    • first davinci purchase

      so, if the one can is for “oil” (the one with the cotton in it) could I use the other one for hash?

      • Mike D Dowhan

        the other can is used for wax/shatter I believe, hash would probably work the same way so yeah.

  • Lisa Houser-Anderson

    I really messed up. I used the wrong oil can and leaked oil all down into my unit. It is leaking out the bottom and is a real mess. The directions didn’t point out the difference between the two cans and being new to this, I had no idea and filled it with oil. When it didn’t seem to be working very well, I opened it and saw the can was empty. Thinking I had used it all up, I filled it again. Then the REAL mess began and oil just kept leaking out of the bottom. Now the temp display isn’t working right and I can’t get to the inside to clean up the mess I made of it. Have I just completely ruined my brand new unit? Please, someone tell me I haven’t. :'(