DaVinci Vape VS Iolite

The DaVinci Vape and Iolite have similar designs, with the DaVinci being a tad smaller.

The Iolite is one of the most popular portable vapes to ever hit the market. Mostly due to its extreme portability. How does the newer DaVinci Vape stack up when compared to the Iolite? Let’s find out.

Vapor Quality

The Iolite produces some pretty thick vapor when used right and there is very little resistance when you draw, which is nice. My problem with the Iolite’s vapor though, is that you not only have to wait a while to really get it going, but the vapor also seems a little too airy for my taste. It sort of feels like you are pulling straight air at times. Adding the after market “Optimizer” accessory helps, but not a lot.

The DaVinci portable vape on the other hand has the ability to produce thick and smooth vapor pulls without having to figure out any additional tricks. Simply pack the herb chamber tight with your material, or the oil can with your essential oils or concentrates, and you are all set in minutes.



When you look at the Iolite you pretty much know what you are going to get. A pretty good portable vape for herbs that can be used even under the most extreme conditions. For most this is exactly what they are looking for in a portable vaporizer, so it isn’t that big of a deal. However, people’s necessities for what type of material they need to vaporize are changing. Not everyone is using strictly herbs anymore and the Iolite offers vaporization of nothing but that.

The DaVinci Vaporizer has you covered on both fronts. Not only is it a great herbal vaporizer, but the oil can system they have set up for vaporizing essential oils and concentrates works beautifully. Switching from herbs to essential oils couldn’t be quicker and the oil cans store neatly right in the top of the chamber making portability a non-issue.


The DaVinci Vape’s flexi-straw is much more comfortable than the Iolite’s stiff plastic mouthpiece.


I have little to no concerns about the Iolite’s portability. The butane is stored inside the Iolite and all you need to start vaporizing is press the trigger. Whether you are at extremely high altitudes or below sea level, you can always count on theĀ Iolite to fire up. The butane lasts through about 2 hours of continuous operation, which is pretty good. The design also lends itself perfectly to your pocket. The stiff plastic mouthpiece is a bit of a bummer, but it unscrews so you can take it off if it bothers you too much.

The DaVinci Vape is actually a little bit smaller than the Iolite overall, but a tad thicker. The DaVinci’s mouthpiece also can unscrew from the vape, so if you find it annoying while attached in your pocket you have nothing to worry about. The 3 small lithium-ion batteries in the DaVinci herbal vaporizer combine to give you about 45 minutes, an hour on a good day, of continuous vaporization. To me this is a little on the low side, I’d like to see at least an hour of guaranteed operation.


Ease of Use

The Iolite seems like it would be incredibly easy to use, right? Fill some butane, pull a trigger and you’re off and running. Well, not so much. First of all filling the butane isn’t hard, just more of a pain. But the real difficulties you’ll run into with the Iolite are figuring out when exactly it has reached temperature. There is an indicator on the Iolite, but it never seems to be telling the truth in my experience. I always have to wait another 2 to 3 minutes after my first pull to really get any significant vapor.

With the DaVinci Vape I have rarely found myself frustrated. Its super easy to set the temperature and of course see when it reaches that temperature thanks to the digital display. Packing the DaVinci can be a little frustrating because there is no straight shot to the herb chamber. The herb chamber’s cap only bends back so far, so often you are pinching your material into there and it can get a little messy. But, overall you are going to enjoy a hassle free experience with the DaVinci herbal vape.


Both the DaVinci Vape and the Iolite Vaporizer have top notch packaging. Something not so common with most vapes.


As you can see there is not much competition here. The DaVinci Vape has an advantage being newer, but honestly that really shouldn’t even be considered in the equation. Both are great vapes in their own regard, but the DaVinci Vaporizer is my choice between the two.

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