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The new Palm Vape promises super fast heat up times and portability, but does it best the DaVinci Vape?

The Palm Vaporizer is a brand new portable vape that is much like the Magic Flight Launch Box. It is highly portable, but at what cost? Does it have what it takes to turn your attention away from the DaVinci Vape? Let’s find out.

Vapor Quality

The Palm Vape delivers some cool and smooth vapor pulls, however, they are markedly smaller than you might be used to. I would say each pull from the Palm portable is about 3/4 of what I personally am looking for in size. Of course it being not harsh at all is a plus, but I am not sure you are completely making use of your material as efficiently as you might with another vape that doesn’t depend on convection heat.

The DaVinci is similar in vapor quality, as it also has a smooth pull, but the difference here is the pulls are much MUCH larger. You have to use a little more material to get a full pack, but it definitely makes the most out of every last bit of what you put in that herb chamber.



The Palm herbal vape has a solid polycarbonate build, with an all glass vapor path. The polycarbonate design encases the all glass vapor path, protecting it from easily breaking. All in all the overall construction is really solid and I can’t see it ever breaking easily.

With the DaVinci Vape you get a tough, high temperature resistant shell that protects all the important pieces inside the vaporizer. The LED temperature display dips far enough into the vape that it is fully protecting. With that perhaps being the most fragile part, this is an important feature.


The DaVinci’s vapor path is a little bit longer than the Palm’s, in turn delivering a smoother vapor.


One of it’s strongest features hands down, the Palm hand held vaporizer takes advantage of a slim design that remains pocket size, with or without the rechargeable battery inserted into it that is needed to vaporize. An added bonus is the included carrying bag, but with or without it the Palm is very portable.

Next to pretty much any other vape the DaVinci Vaporizer is an excellent portable size, but when comparing to something like the Palm, which has pretty much nothing but portability in mind, it falls a bit short. However, the DaVinci’s superior vapor quality and advanced features give it the edge in my opinion since both vapes are pocket size.


Heat Up Time

Another area of great strength of the Palm Vaporizer is its heat up time. When you push the battery in, you get vapor pulls in about only 5-7 seconds. The downside, as I mentioned before, is that the pulls are just kind of weak. It just feels liek you are putting in more work than you should have to.

You don’t have a super long wait when heating up the DaVinci Vaporizer, but it is obviously nowhere near the short time the Palm does. Even despite the DaVinci’s advanced features you can not give it the edge here.


The Palm Vape can hold a tiny bit more material than the DaVinci Vape can.

Accessories and Advanced Use

The Palm portable has limited accessories, one to be exact and that is the flavored mouthpieces you can get. But as far as advanced use, the Palm has the ability, just like the DaVinci, to vaporize oils and concentrates, making it a pretty versatile vaporizer considering its size.

The DaVinci herbal vaporizer also only has one accessory worth mentioning, which is the snorkel extended flexi-straw mouthpiece. This gives the vapor extra time to cool before inhalation and makes the overall experience better. It also can vaporize oils and concentrates, but the tiebreaker here is the snorkel tube tangibly enhances your vaporizing experience, whereas the flavored mouthpieces on the the Palm don’t.



Once again I have to give the nod to the DaVinci Vape. It’s numerous advantages in features like an LED temp display and excellent vapor quality make it the clear winner once again.

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