DaVinci Vape VS ThermoVape T1

The ThermoVape T1 is one of the newer portable vaporizers depending on rechargeable batteries that are recharged externally. The usual advantage to these is super fast heat up times, the T1 is no different. So let’s see how it compares to the DaVinci Vape.

Vapor Quality

The T1 vape delivers a mediocre vapor quality at best. I found that I had to hold the battery chamber in far too long to get the size of vapor pull that I am looking for. Furthermore, the aluminum chamber that holds the batteries got so hot I could barely touch it.

It would be unfair to not mention how the the DaVinci Vaporizer also can get pretty hot while in use, BUT it never gets too hot to hold. Also I’m far more willing to deal with a hotter vape when it delivers the excellent vapor quality that the DaVinci herbal vape does.


The ThermoVape T1 uses convection heat, so you can burn your material if you’re not careful.

Rechargeable Batteries

The ThermoVape vaporizer uses two RCR 123a rechargeable batteries to power and heat the unit. These batteries are better than the typical NiMH batteries you find in other vapes like this one, as they charge faster and last a bit longer. So, compared to other vapes similar to it, the T1 vape has an advantage, however, when compared to a lithium-ion battery they are still not match.

The DaVinci uses a set of three lithium-ion batteries that are be recharged internally, rather than having to take them outside of the vape and charge them on a wall charger. Additionally, the DaVinci Vape’s battery lasts much longer at about an hour of continuous use.



The ThermoVape T1 has an excellent portable design, being both slim and lightweight. It is only about 5″ tall and about as thick as a quarter. It can easily be thrown in your pocket and transported easily and since it heats up almost immediately this makes it a great portable option when you are in a rush.

The DaVinci Vape has a slim walkie talkie like design that can easilt fit in your pocket, however, it does have a heat up time of a couple minutes and  it isn’t as comfortable in your pocket as the T1 vaporizer. Usually the DaVinci would win here, but the T1 has a slight edge.


Ease of Use

The T1 portable vape is easy to use, but only after you figure it out up and down. You have to judge how long you hold the battery chamber in appropriately so you don’t burn you material and you also have to find a good pace so it doesn’t heat up too much. Once you have those mastered you are set, but it still has a bit of a learning curve.

It doesn’t get much easier than using the DaVinci portable vaporizer. Load you material, set the temp, wait for it to heat up and enjoy. There is no learning curve to speak of, just vape and enjoy,


Even with 6 of them, the ThermoVape will not last as long as the DaVinci Vape’s lithium-ion battery.


It may seem like the ThermoVape T1 is not  good vape based on what you’ve read, but that is not true, The T1 is a great portable vape, but when compared with the DaVinci Vaporizer it just falls short.

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  • Aner2557

    The Thermovape is a pain in the ass because a) you have to hold it to have heat, b) there is no digital read it (can you believe that they would determine the heat rather than letting your kind bud determine the heat????), c) the mouthpiece easily falls off and d) the battery does not last nearly as long and e) dealing with all those batteries is the biggest pain in the ass whereas the Da Vinci is self-sealed… 

    Hands down – 5 stars to 2 stars – go with the Da Vinci

  • Rick

    Just got my 1st Da Vinci vape. Worked fine 2 days ago when it arrived and last night. Now I can’t get the thermostat to go above 207. Could I have set it wrong? I don’t see anything in the manual that I could have done wrong. Maybe didn’t charge it long enough? The blue light is still on. Maybe the full 3 hours is necessary. Do I need to leave it turned on when recharging? We had it off last time and maybe that was the issue. Thanks

    • v

      207 degrees Celsius.
      if you prefer change it to Fahrenheit as per instructions.
      My DV is in the mail and I know this.
      As my teacher used to say ..Pay attention and success will reveal itself.