DaVinci Vaporizer Pelican Case Sports Kit

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The DaVinci Custom Pelican Case with extremely tough Polyethylene foam.

I recently snagged the new DaVinci Vape Pelican Case Sports Kit online and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the purchase.

If you aren’t familiar with this vape at all, you can read our full DaVinci Vaporizer review before reading about this new kit.

The first thing that will obviously catch your eye, and really what this whole kit is all about, is the custom Pelican case. I don’t have much experience with Pelican cases, or any cases of this sort really, but I have to say just by picking up and examining the case you know it is quality built. After some more research I found that Pelican cases are all covered by a lifetime guarantee, really showing you that Pelican is not messing around. Their slogan even reads “You break it, we replace it… forever.” How’s that for a guarantee?

The small valve below the clip keeps extra air, water and dust out of your case. Protecting all the contents.

Starting with the outer shell of the case, it has a black glossy look to it, with a clear clip on front that snaps open and closed to access the inside of the case. I was skeptical about the clip that holds the case closed at first, but it really stays on there tight and doesn’t feel flimsy at all. On the right hand side of the case was a keychain clip already attached to the case. This keychain clip is pretty much perfect to attach the case to your keys, backpack, suitcase, really anything you can think of that is going to make transporting your DaVinci portable vaporizer extremely easy.

The real goods though are on the inside. Once you crack this case open you see where this case truly shines. It has a really thick and dense shock resistant foam made of “Polyethylene”. Polyethylene foam is a “closed-cell” foam, which, in non-scientific speak, just means it is ideally used to prevent any damage to delicate items from any vibration, large or small. I really feel comfortable dropping my DaVinci Vaporizer in there and hitting the road.

Additionally, there is an extra space cut out in the lower left-hand corner of where the DaVinci Vaporizer sits, to make pulling it from the foam quick and simple. It’s a small feature, but I bet without it it could have become a major complaint.

Also in the custom foam you will find two small spaces made to perfectly fit the two oil cans that come with your DaVinci Vape. I found pre-loading the oil cans was always a convenient way to vaporize your oils and concentrates on the road. However, spilling was always a concern for me. With the case, the oil cans fit snug in their spot and spilling concerns are now a distant memory.

WARNING: The DaVinci Vaporizer Case keychain clip is not for climbing, apparently.

Under the DaVinci’s spot is another space specifically designed to fit the flexi-straw mouthpiece. I love this addition because I always keep the mouthpiece off after use since leaving it on you can run the risk of getting your threading screwed up with leftover material. Finally, there is an additional spot to put whatever you feel like carrying, such as extra screens, a snorkel mouthpiece attachment, etc.

The case’s overall design is pretty damn light weight, whether you have the case all packed up with your DaVinci herbal vape or not. You might look at the pictures and think it is cumbersome, but I am here to tell you that you will barely notice this thing if you clip it to your backpack like I have.

All in all if you use your DaVinci Vaporizer the way it was meant to be used, outside and away from home, this Pelican Case Kit is a must have. is actually giving one away for free right now and by signing up for their newsletter you are automatically entered in the drawing. I’d get on that immediately if you haven’t already, I can’t even imagine getting this whole set up for free.

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