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How does the tiny DaVinci Vape stack up against the mammoth VaporBLUNT?

I had to pit the new DaVinci Vape against another vaporizer I have been using almost non stop since its release, the VaporBLUNT. These two vapes definitely have a lot in common, but which one has the edge? Time to take a closer look and throw these two portable vaporizers under the microscope.

Vapor Quality

The VaporBLUNT undeniably has excellent vapor quality. When you pack the Vapor BLUNT’s herb chamber nice and tight and throw it into boost mode you get huge vapor pulls that are still very cool and smooth. The stir tool attached to the cap also assists in consistently delivering nice, dense vapor.

The DaVinci vaporizer is pretty much exactly the same. You get pure quality vapor, but you also have to pack the chamber tightly. Preference also has a lot to do with this as well. Both the DaVinci Vape and VaporBLUNT work just fine without tightly packing the chamber, I just happen to prefer a thicker vapor. As far as vapor quality is concerned, these two match up perfectly.




The VaporBLUNT has a pretty solid plastic frame that is split in the middle and connected. When I first saw the VB I thought it looked like it was going to be a problem and might crack and open if dropped, but I’ve had a couple accidents with mine and have not run into anything like that.

The DaVinci portable vape also has a high temperature resistant plastic shell that feels every bit as durable as the VaporBLUNT. I haven’t ever encountered any problems with the LED display, really with any portable vaporizer I have never had any problems with digital displays. The DaVinci vape’s construction is definitely not something you will have to worry about breaking easily.



Each vape has its own custom Pelican case available for purchase.


When you first see a picture of the VaporBLUNT you think it might be the size of say, a marker. When you actually get your hands on it though you realize that is far from the truth. The Vapor BLUNT is about 9 inches long including the mouthpiece and about as thick as a half dollar. It definitely is not pocket size, but it is still great for use roaming around your house or maybe in the back yard.

The DaVinci herbal vape  is very, very portable. The unit as a whole fits comfortably in your pocket and if you find the mouthpiece to be bothersome in your pocket you can simply unscrew it and you’re all set. The DaVinci’s battery life is a bit short, at only about 45 minutes, but to me you can plan around that and you can also use it while it is charging and even when it is completely dead.



Heat Up Time

The VaporBLUNT has an extremely impressive heat up time, reaching its highest temperature of 410° Fahrenheit in under a minute every time. If you need a quick vaporizing session and literally don’t have an extra minute to spare, the VB is the perfect solution.

The DaVinci Vape unfortunately is not nearly as fast heating up to the same temperature. Every time I heat it up to 410° it took at least 3 and a half minutes. Most likely you won’t be using that high of a temperature, but it still gives you an idea of what you will be dealing with.



Both herb chambers are similarly sized, but you can see the VB is lacking any storage compartment or mini brush.

Versatility and Advanced Use

The VaporBLUNT is only capable of vaporizing herbal blends, not oils and concentrates. However, something I kind of considered “advanced use” is their stir tool turn knob on the herb chamber’s cap. Instead of having to open up the chamber when your material needs a stir, you simply give the turn knob a quick twist and you’re done. You don’t lose any heat and it is much less of a hassle.

The DaVinci portable vape has the ability to vaporizer herbs as well as essential oils and concentrates by using their oil cans that are included with the DaVinci Vaporizer package. It of course does not have the turn knob I mentioned with the Vapor BLUNT, but I absolutely love the mini brush and storage compartment on the inside of the herb chamber. Based on it vaporizing oils and concentrates alone, the DaVinci portable vaporizer is the winner here.




As you can see this was a close one and tough one to judge. In the end I think the DaVinci Vape has a slight advantage over the VaporBLUNT mostly due to its portability and versatility. But you really can’t go wrong with either of these portable vapes.

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