DaVinci vs. WISPR by Iolite

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DaVinci vs Wispr

Find out how the DaVinci Vape stacks up against one of its biggest competitors, the Wispr by Iolite. Read on to see what the results are and decide for yourself.

Vapor Quality

The Wispr gives off what I can best describe as an “airy” like vapor. It isn’t bad, but you can tell a lot of air is mixing in with the vapor. Some actually prefer this as it can make the vapor cooler before inhalation. On the other hand though, the Wispr uses butane to power it. Say what you want, but it is always possible for that butane to sneak its way into your vapor, resulting in a less than favorable taste.

The DaVinci provides huge plumes of vapor pretty much non stop and does so smoothly and comfortably. Since it uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery for a power source you obviously will not have to worry about any butane making its way into you vapor, making the DaVinci the clear winner here.

DaVinci and WISPR mouthpieces

A closer look at the DaVinci and Wispr mouthpieces next to each other.


The Wispr has a polycarbonate outer shell with kind of a designer looking pattern on it. It feels pretty solid and I like that it is squared on the edges so you can stand it upright on a flat surface. I also enjoy the Wispr’s flexible silicon mouthpiece and the fact that it can tuck down into the vape for easy traveling is great.

The DaVinci has a very, very similar design. Although the mouthpiece does not bend down into the vape, it does allow you to bend it for comfort purposes. Also the mouthpiece can be completely detached from the DaVinci to make carrying it easier. In the end both have a durable design and are pretty even overall.



With the Wispr they went through some extra lengths to make the mouthpiece a lot better than on the Iolite. Being able to tuck it down into the vape makes it really easy to put in your pocket. The only problem is that with the new squared design it is not at all comfortable to have the Wispr in your pocket. The overall size isn’t bad at all, pretty small actually, but the shape just isn’t a great one for throwing it in your pocket.

The DaVinci is really similarly shaped to the Wispr but the edges are rounded instead of squared, making putting the DaVinci in your pocket not only easy, but comfortable. The downside here is the mouthpiece does not tuck into the vape, however, it does unscrew so that basically negates the problem right there. DaVinci takes this one home.

The Wispr and DaVinci vaporizers side-by-side.

The DaVinci is a bit taller and slightly thinner than the Wispr.

Heat Up Time

When you first click on the Wispr it is said it heats up in about a minute and a half to two minutes, but you don’t really start getting full vapor pulls until it has been on for at least three minutes. So I would allocate three minutes of heat up time to be realistic.

The DaVinci reaches temp usually in a minute and a half and you can get thick vapor pulls right away. Using both side by side and heating them up you really see the DaVinci is a clear winner with heat up time speed.


Accessories and Advanced Use

The Wispr has really only one accessory and that is the optimizer that offers a more even vaporizing experience. It replaces the single spike you see in the herb chamber normally with a few more spikes so that your entire blend is evenly vaporized. But couldn’t they have just included this from the start, especially since it was already available for the Iolite? Disappointing.

The DaVinci only has one accessory to speak of as well, the DaVinci snorkel extended mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is about 7 inches long as opposed to the smaller original mouthpiece which is about 3 inches. This gives the vapor a little more time to cool and does give you an overall better experience. As far as advanced use I have to say the mini brush and extra storage in the DaVinci should be considered advanced usage since the Wispr has nothing like this to speak of.


DaVinci and Wispr Head to Head

Both the DaVinci and Wispr are top quality vaporizers, but which one will come out on top?

Bottom Line

All things considered I have to say I’m a much bigger fan of the DaVinci than the Wispr. Vapor quality is really where it is at and the DaVinci delivers, not to even mention all the DaVinci’s great features aside from the vapor quality.

Basically when you have a portable vape bursting at the seams with features, it is always a nice bonus for it to deliver where it really counts. Thanks for coming out Wispr, but looks like the DaVinci’s got this one all sewn up.

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  • Sam

    I’ve used both vapes and i would like to add that the DaVinci has an incredibly large chamber for packing herb.You do not have to repack for a long time, and when it is time to repack you can see all the herb has been vaped up evenly.