Ascent vaporizer

The DaVinci Vape with the “snorkel” extended flexi-straw mouthpiece.

I’ve seen many similar questions asked a lot either in my research online, or directly from friends who have seen or used my DaVinci Vaporizer. If you don’t see a question you would like answered listed here post it in the comments below and I will answer it to the best of my ability as soon as possible.

What comes with the DaVinci Vape?

Here is a list of everything that comes with your DaVinci Vape:

  • DaVinci Portable Vaporizer
  • Black Logo Storage Tin
  • Wall Charger
  • Cleaning Accessories
  • (3) Replacement Screens
  • Instruction Manual

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Ascent vaporizer
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Is the DaVinci butane powered, like the Wispr?

Ascent vaporizer

No it is not. The DaVinci Vape uses a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery to power it. You will never have to fuss with any 3rd party accessories, such as butane, to keep your DaVinci up and running. Simply plug it in to recharge and use at the same time, even if the battery is dead.

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Does the DaVinci make a lot of noise while heating?

Another great feature of the DaVinci is the completely silent operation. The buttons don’t even make any beeping or any other noise when adjusting temperature. Stealth vaporizing at its best.

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Ascent vaporizer
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What is the best temperature to use with the DaVinci Vape?

I would suggest starting at 380° Fahrenheit. From there if you find the vapor too hot or too thick, go to a lower temperature. If you find it isn’t thick enough raise the temperature up, but try not to exceed 395° Fahrenheit.

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Ascent vaporizer
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How do I change the DaVinci’s temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

To change the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius, or vice versa, simply hold down the heat button for about 3-5 seconds and you will see it switch over.

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Ascent vaporizer
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My DaVinci is giving off a weird plastic smell, should I be concerned?

This has been addressed by the manufacturer as just a “new smell” and will go away quickly. What I suggest you do is run the DaVinci at it’s highest temperature, 400° Fahrenheit, for at least 2 auto shut off cycles. This should burn away any new plastic smell left over.

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Ascent vaporizer
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  • wonderwoman

    How do u take the bottom screen out to replace? I have tried and cannot get it out.

    • VapedOut

      It is a pain in the ass to get the bottom screen out. I haven’t been able to do it w/o ruining the screen, but there are a couple extras.

      Use a clothes pin or a thicker needle to poke through the screen and then try and lift it up and out.

      If the tip of the needle is slightly bent it makes it easier to hook under and pull it up. Best of luck!

      • Cheddy

         Use the ‘oil can’ with a screen in the bottom, that way you don’t have to clean the bottom screen.  Many advantages if you start off right away using it: keeps vaping material separate from vaporizor (good if you are traveling); keeps the combustion chamber and lower screen clean; much easier to clean (no need to poke around with needles); and last, but not at all least, you can pre-load them like cartridges (I pulled the wadding out of the ‘oil’ one as I’m never likely to use it for such – hope that doesn’t void the warranty.)  I’m planning on buying a few more so I can load up a day’s supply.

        • Brent

          A fired .380 ACP brass will fit perfect in the chamber. Just use a small finish nail to knock out the spent primer. Save a Styrofoam meat tray and one of the brass cartridges to punch some lids so you can pre-load the cans. A Q-Tip and acetone will clean out the powder residue from the spent cartridge. The small primer hole works great to let air flow in during a draw. For lids I just use a .380 bullet. The push on and stay real good and come off real good.

        • Lola

          Good trick! 🙂 Question: when using the ‘oil can’ with herbs, do you keep the small white lid (that comes with the oil can) or you take it out? Thank you!

    • JoshyBalls

      Try using your oil can with herbs. Super fast “shotgun shell” reload. And the chamber stays perfectly clean! Just the upper air chamber and oil containers need regular cleaning. It’s easier to clean the external crucible than getting in the bottom of the chamber.

      • Lola

        That’s great. Question: when using the ‘oil can’ with herbs, do you keep the small white lid (that comes with the oil can) or you take it out? Thank you!

  • David

    Can the vaporizer be used while plugged in?

    • Cj5426

       You can use it while plugged in, even dead. Has come in handy many times since I am incredibly lazy with charging any vape.

  • Juicyjay_us

    What if the screen cap breaks when trying to twist off to replace screen? do they sell replacements?

    • Jed

      I have this same issue. The screen’s cap became too difficult to twist off (Because or resins or something of the sort from vaped materials) and nearly requires pliers to be able to twist open.

      • cj5426

        try soaking just the cap with screen in some rubbing alcohol when you get it off, then maybe use a q-tip with rubbing alcohol to clean off the threading and it should be easier from then on

      • n8ball

        Hey just heat up the cap with a lighter or the internal oven and it loosens up the resen and comes right off.

  • Mdw Mtd

    What kind of charger does it use

    • cj5426

      says this on my charger:

      input: 100-240v ~ 50/60Hz 0.8A max
      output: 13.6v 2500mA

  • keith600

    i have had mine for 4 moths now the led just flashes and it won’t heat up any idea what i can do to fix?

    • Andrew

      I have the same problem

      • cj5426

        definitely call davinci. they helped me out when mine went bad. number is 8003367224

  • Mattimus123

    How do you replace the top screens?

  • Chris

    I have still the plastic smell after 4 houres off “burn in”. There is still visible smoke coming out and it smells really bad. My maximum heat ist only 207 C, sould be 221, right? I only used the vaporizer once after i runed it empty for 2 houres, the plastic smell leasts for houres in my mouth. What should i do?

    • JoshyBalls

      DaVinci has a great no questions return policy. My DaVinci is 4 months old and I’ve sold 200 DaVinci Vapes this year. No plastic smells in a good one. Makes me think yours was previously contaminated.

  • lalalalalalala77

    how can i give my da vinci a good clean. I do it with the brush but I can’t get it as clean as i want it

  • Pj

    Where do we put the grinded materials before vaping? In the chamber directly or in the separate cans provided and put can in chamber?

  • Trev

    Mine also has a max temp of 207 I found this very disappointing as the only reason I bought this over the solo was a max temp of 221 can this be fixed

    • JoshyBalls

      Dear sir,
      What do you plan on Vaping at 221? Btw, the Solo has a max temp of 210.

  • Vincevito13

    I cant get the setting back to fahrenheit it must have accidently went to celsius in my bag but now none of the buttons work either any ideas on how to fix?

  • Leaf

    I turn mine on and I get a blue screen. The temperature doesn’t show anything, and it doesn’t even seem like it’s charging when it should be. I’m thinking it’s either dead or the battery needs to be replaced. No chance there is a service centre in my area. Anyone help with replacing the battery… Please!

    • Monkin

      I have this same issue, anyone know the cause? blue screen comes on, no numbers, doesnt seem to turn on when plugged in

  • Lopez

    My davinci has stopped charging. I’ve babied my vape since I bought it 8 months ago and now the charging port or something is messed up cuz I have to keep wiggling the plug for it find the “sweet spot” to charge. HELP!!!

    • Jonathan Heuschen

      I’ve got the same problem! Makes no sense… I could manage to use it “twisting” the ac adapter in an awkard position to make it work. Now it doesn’t want to find it anymore 🙁

      • Lopez

        Yea I have to maneuver the cord around to the back in order for it to charge. I’m tempted to buy another charger thinking this may just the issue, but I don’t want to waste my money.
        Do you know if there’s any type of manufactures warranty on the product?

        • Jonathan Heuschen

          In my case, it’s 2 years warranty with the online seller. They told me they will send another AC adapter asap. For info, my unit is brand new and i ve got that issue from the first charge.

          • Lopez

            Could you let me know if changing the charger helped please?

          • JoshyBalls

            I got to try it out with a new charger today and it worked. It was a faulty charger. The rumors are true this machine is indestructible. Woohoo!!

          • Jonathan Heuschen

            I confirm that the new charger solved the problem.

          • JoshyBalls

            Lopez, I’d really like to know if the new charger helped your machine to charge.

          • JoshyBalls

            I meant that towards Jonathan. Lol I’m with Lopez, curious to hear the news.

  • Don

    anybody ever have problem attaching the flexi-straw to the vaporizer? The
    comments and ads in the net say that it is easy and simple to attach the straw,
    however, I and my daughter had completely different experience. We bought two
    vaporizers from an authorized dealer and each of us (independently) spent
    literally three hours trying to attach the straw. After three hours of
    frustration, and with the help of pliers, I managed to somehow “attach” the
    straws and I don’t even dare detaching them.

    suspect that these two vaporizers (or straws) might be from a faulty batch and that
    there is something wrong with either the male thread of the straw or with the female
    thread on the vaporizer; the worst part is that we have the same issue with
    both vaporizers/straws. I do not think that my daughter or I are so lame that
    we are not capable of completing such a simple task.

    anyone ever had similar issue, please let me know how this issue was dealt with.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Zorro

    I´m disappointed in this product, more specifically in the straw. i bought a davinci apprx. 3 months ago, but it´s already the 2nd straw that is coming false off … OK, for the first time i was the stupid and forgot which way to roll it off so tried both directions…. but i´m precise and didn´t want to make the same mistake again, i was careful, but as i wanted to take the straw off today evening, after the usage of yesterday evening, didnt succeed completely and the metal part of the straw stuck in there! what can i say, it´s pretty f.kin annoying!
    i have 3 options
    1, buy another straw, try to get that shit off as long as it´s not cooled down ( i read somewhere that might be the problem)
    2, buy another straw, and NEVER EVER roll it off, but then i cannot put it in the box of move it comfortably…
    3, go back to smoking joints and being unhealthy
    any advice? thx

  • Ant

    I just got my Davinci and I have a problem, the battery won’t charge. Right now it only works plugged to the wall, so the charger works, but the battery is dead… is this common?

    • the martian

      youre lucky mine wont charge at all

  • alex

    Can u leave it in car in cold weather 9r is it bad for it to get cold

  • cody

    I’m In a situation where I need to vape my wax but don’t have the oil can can I still vape it in the regular chamber

  • jhwest

    I was using my davinci happily for a few months until the charger broke. the device was completely dead and wouldn’t even turn on, so i bought a new charger today. Now the davinci screen will turn on only when plugged in but it is not charging and it isn’t heating up. What do i do?

  • MK

    Anyone know how to fix stuck down button and power button? It won’t let me turn the temp up and is finicky with the power button. Help!!!

  • Alberta Redneck

    Had mine for 3 days so far so good. I use for chronic pain. I like this thing it delivers well and feel healthier. Few tips I’ll pass on that I learned the hard way. #1. Use the oil can meant for oil if your burning shatter, butter or oil. #2 If your using oils always place can in DaVinci before heating up unit or you might suck up all your goodies and make a big mess. Should have more in depth instructions on how to get the most of your DaVinci unit.

  • Deno

    Can and are you supposed to pack the top chamber?