How to Clean the DaVinci Vape

Ascent vaporizer

When you are finished using your DaVinci Vape give it at least 15 minutes to cool down. The chamber will be pretty hot, as well as the vaporizer itself.

Once it is cooled down open up the herb chamber and dump out whatever used material that will drop right out. You can remove whatever left over material remains by using the non-brush end of the mini cleaning brush and scraping the bottom and sides of the DaVinci Vaporizer.

Next twist off the screen cap that would normally hold the oil can and brush it off to make sure no material remains on it. If this screen gets clogged at all it can block off vapor flow significantly. It is easy to forget to do this since you can’t see it happening unless you are looking in there, so be sure to keep up with it.

Make sure to clean the outside and the inside of the chamber where the oil cans normally go.

With the herb chamber completely clean, twist off the flexi-straw mouthpiece and the mini cleaning brush is small enough to actually insert into either end of the mouthpiece. It is really rare that any material makes its way in there, but it is always best to check.

If you used the oil cans they can be cleaned rather easily by just soaking them in solvent or rubbing alcohol. Just make sure after soaking them that you rinse them off with warm water to get all of the cleaning solvent off.

You shouldn’t have to clean the outside of the vape very much, but when you do have to a small amount of soapy water on a rag will get it done quick and easy.

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  • the reap

    How do I get the lower screen out to clean it. If anyone can answer that or upload a video to YouTube that would be awesome.

    • anon

      Hey, I was able to get that screen up with both a bamboo BBQ skewer and a long nail. Just scrape it in a circular motion and the screen will come up after a few seconds.  

    • Kingnothen

       I do not believe there is one in the lower heating element.. I have tryed to clean it myself with a dental pik but it does not seem that there is a screen. I could be wrong. ive had mine for over a year now

  • Atlantic Stoner

    The inside herb chamber on my Da Vinci was stuck with resin, but I was trying to remove the chamber cover when it was cold. I turned on the Da Vinci for a minute or so, this warmed up the resin to the point were I could remove the cover.

    This saved me a lot of trouble. I was thinking of using pilers, etc. to remove it, but this was much simpler.

  • JamesB

    How do you get the Mouth piece unstuck from the top chamber? ive tryed pliers and ive not been successful. anyone else having this problem?
    Great product..but there are a flaw or two.  

    • Diego Salazar

      Just heat up before unstuck it,do it when the davinci is on