How To Use The Ascent Vaporizer

How to Use the Ascent

Step 1: Turn on the Ascent Vaporizer

Up top, there is a little power button. Give it a press, and the OLED screen jumps to life, displaying the baseline temperature reading. If this fails to happen, check your batteries. They may need a bit of voltage.

Step 2: Heating the Ascent Vaporizer

On the back side of the unit, there is a temperature toggle that will allow you to increase or decrease your desired heat level. I would recommend starting a bit high on the Ascent, about 380/385 degrees or so, and playing it by ear from there depending on what type of material you’re getting ready to vaporize (oils, concentrates or herbs)

Step 3: Load the Ascent Vaporizer

Swivel the bottom third of the device to either side and it will split away from the base unit on a rotating joint, revealing the herb chamber. Place your contents therein, but do not pack tight. Instead, carefully fill, and make sure every last bit ends up in the bowl area.

A cleaning tool or some careful finger work should accomplish this. If you’re using oils or concentrates, grab the all-glass oil can and slip it right down inside. It will be a very snug fit, but it’s supposed to be.

Step 4: Using The Ascent Vaporizer

Swivel the herb chamber around and secure it in place so it lines up with the all-glass vapor path that runs through the center of the device. A quick press on the heat button will jog the Ascent’s memory, and it will automatically climb to the previous setting. Should be very fast, so just hold your horses, you’re almost there. After it hits the desired number, let it stand for a matter of 10 seconds or so to “gather its chi”. Then proceed to pull.

Things should be flowing very smoothly at this point, but be sure to keep your wits about you and about halfway through the pack, open it up, and give the grinded material a good stir or three to expose some of the fresh, therefore unvaped pack that’s still lingering. Make sure your temp is higher for the concentrates, as if you’re having any trouble with them, this aspect is most likely the culprit.

Step 5: Empty and clean out the Ascent Vaporizer

First thing’s first. Shut the ol’ girl down by pressing and holding the power button for a moment. Then open up the herb chamber, and remove as much as you can before using your trusty tool/brush to grab any last lingering bits.

If you have an oil can in there, use the hook-like tool to remove it from the compartment. There’s a little nook in the can that works somewhat similar to a manhole covering. Also, pull out the lower and upper glass extremities from time to time and give them a good soak in ISO and a possible going-over from the pipe cleaners. No sense in having glass-on-glass if all you taste is the months-old murky residue that has built-up. That’s it!

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