How to Use

Ascent vaporizer

When you flick on the power switch on the right the LED light will turn on, but the vape won’t begin to heat up yet.

Step 1: Turn on the DaVinci Vape

Start by taking the switch on the right hand side of the DaVinci Vaporizer and flicking it to the up/on position. This will illuminate the DaVinci’s digital temperature display, showing room temperature.

Generally you want to start between 365° and 375° Fahrenheit and move up or down from there.

Step 2: Set the temperature on the DaVinci

Now use the up and down buttons to adjust the DaVinci Vape to your desired temperature. I suggest starting around 385° Fahrenheit. From there you can adjust up or down on the fly to find your perfect comfort level.

Make sure you remove the cleaning brush before packing and heating up the DaVinci Vape.

Step 3: Pack the DaVinci Vaporizer

Next, open up the DaVinci Vape’s herb chamber cap. Pinch some of your material of choice into the chamber. You will most likely get some material around the edges of the chamber, so take the mini cleaning brush and brush all of the material into the chamber. Now close up the herb chamber’s cap until you hear it click closed.

If you are using oils or concentrates first you want to pack the oil can, pack the empty one with concentrates and the one with a wick with oils, and then insert the oil can into the herb chamber.

Hold the DaVinci Vape so you are NOT blocking the vent. I’ve found holding it like this is most comfortable.

Step 4: Begin use with the DaVinci Herbal Vaporizer

Press the heat button on the face of the DaVinci portable vape and it will immediately begin heating to the temperature you previously set. It should only take about a minute to heat up to full strength. Once it does give it another 10-15 seconds to “marinate” if you will. Right off the bat you should get some really nice and thick vapor pulls. Don’t forget halfway through to give your material a stir. You can use the stem of the mini brush, it takes 2 seconds, and the results are worth the short distraction.

The mini brush is perfect for getting those hard to reach places in the herb chamber.

Step 5: Clean out the DaVinci Portable Vaporizer

When your pack is all done do not just put the DaVinci down until you are ready to use it again. Open up the herb chamber and dump out whatever you can. Whatever stays in there simply take the cleaning brush and lightly brush the inside of the chamber. Also pay attention to around the edge of the chamber, some material can build up in the crevice, so stay on top of it.

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  • Www Chadlewis58

    go mine this page helped out a lot. wit the concentrates wax, and shuch,as it melts wont it leak out into the heating element.. i love wax and that type any help on this would be thanked 

  • Theraz

    Why can i not find instructions on how to clean the screen in the heating chamber

  • monoxide 2 dope

    Just twist the lol mettal cap off and pull screen out if it won’t budge heat cap with a lighter twist with cloth so you don’t burn yourself

  • pooch

    my display screen is blank.been charging for hours.cant get the yellow light