Info and How To Collect on the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Ascent vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizer Warranty

Ok guys, so a lot to cover here. I’m gonna go over the warranty information first and then tell you what to do should the need ever arise to utilize said coverage.
First thing you need to know is that the batteries are not covered in the two-year warranty. They only have a 90 day limited warranty attached to them, so heads up on this little nuance. Everything else will be covered, provided you bought the device from an authorized reseller. These official vendors will all have a special seller code that all authorized retailers will have without exception.

So firstly, make sure you bought the vape from an official source(especially important on the internet), make sure you have the valid receipt of sale which clearly displays the date and time of purchase and make sure you call these guys before you send the unit away to be repaired. Let me next cover the exceptions to the warranty so you can be crystal clear on what is and what isn’t covered. Normal wear and tear: don’t even bother. You drop it or roughhouse it yourself and it goes: forget it. You leave it in a rainstorm or forget it on your front stoop in the hot Las Vegas desert sun: see above.

There’s a lot of exceptions to the warranty as you can see, so let me continue. You cannot return a DaVinci that has been affixed or used in conjunction with any other device, be it a vaporizer or otherwise. This will null and void the warranty. Same goes for improper cleaning of it that causes irreversible damage. In other words, be careful how you clean it!

Last up is a very important point: do not, under any circumstances(unless you are an engineer major and feeling bold), attempt to disassemble and fix the DaVinci yourself. I mean, why would you? Let them cover it. You paid for the warranty in the price of the unit, and it’s up to them to make good on it.

A few other things: they do not have to use brand new parts to fix your unit. The contract clearly states that refurbished pieces are well within the warranty’s scope. Not the greatest news I know, but what are ya gonna do? Also, very important, they do not replace the oil cans or cleaning accessories or anything whatsoever that is not part and parcel an inner working of the base unit.
The best thing to do when looking to make a claim is, number one, take a look at the DaVinci warranty page on their website and clearly comprehend whether or not you should be covered.

Next thing to do would be to call the hotline provided therein, and speak with a rep to confirm that, yes, you are eligible for coverage and this can and should be shipped out to God knows where to get fixed. In so many words, cover your bases people. This saves you time and toil particularly if you’ve essentially got nothing coming to you but also handily arms you with knowledge and facts regarding your rights as an end user should they decide to be chincy with the coverage. I believe that’s all folks.

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  • Leaf

    I’ve literally tried to call and set up a warranty send in 3 times and no one returns call or email message. If there is a way to change the battery and see if it works, then you’d be able to know for sure that it’s not the battery. If anyone can give a detailed description on how to change the battery this would help me know if the thing is dead. Tough to spend +$250 on a Davinchi and have it die in 3 months, then try to claim warranty upon deaf ears. Would like to see more information on fixing these things. A good set of fine tuning screw drivers, magnetized etc., and a well lit working area would be a pre-requisite but let’s learn how to service our own Vapes… Getting service is ridiculous.

    • KRLX

      what number did you call?

  • matt

    I brought a dav vinci off ebay (can show when it was brought) but i have no receipt. i followed the instructions and after a few brief uses the battery when charged to full only lasts one vap, also its sustain itself when plugged into the mains it will just switch off. Its ashame as many of my friends wanted one and now they have been put off.

  • pissed and robbed

    dont waist your time with these garbage petaling fools im on my second ascent in a month it cost me 50bucks and 2 and half weeks to do the warrenty bs and I got a replacement that’s just as big a piece a shit as the original ascent davinci was will not refund your money but they will warrenty your already vastly over price ascent with a nother pos that don’t work at your exspence don’t waist your money with these thieves I will be keeping my now $300 pos just to show people what not to buy