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DaVinci Vaporizer Poolside

DaVinci Vaporizer Poolside

Since the DaVinci herbal vaporizer is still relatively new on the market there are not a lot of accessories to speak of, but they do have a full line of replacement parts.

“The Snorkel” Extended Flexi-Straw

The Snorkel is the one true accessory out for the DaVinci Vape right now. The Snorkel takes the standard flexi-straw design and adds about 5 inches of length to it (8″ total), which in turn gives the vapor extra space to travel and cool down. This is a great addition for anyone that finds the vapor from the DaVinci Vaporizer to be too hot at times.

Price: $19.95


The flexi-straw is the standard whip that screws into the top of your DaVinci portable vape. The standard straw is only about 3″ making it perfect to keep attached to the DaVinci when you throw it in your pocket to use away from home later.

Price: $14.95

Cleaning Brush

The DaVinci Vape has that awesome little herb chamber that has the extra storage and a space for the small cleaning brush to be stored, making the brush harder to lose. However, with how small it is, losing it is still a real possibility. In that case you can pick up a replacement, which I would definitely recommend because the brush is vital to the DaVinci herbal vape.

Price: $6.95

Oil Can

When you first get your DaVinci Vaporizer you’re given two oil cans, one empty for herbs and one with a swab for oils. If two just isn’t enough then you can pick up more, or if you lost one or both you can replace them.

Price: $9.95


You always know you are going to have to replace screens eventually, even if you really keep up on cleaning. I’m a little on the lazy side and would rather replace my screens than clean them. This screen pack comes with 3 large screens for the bottom of the herb chamber and 6 small screens for the oil can holder.

Price: $6.95

None of these parts or accessories are going to do you any good unless you have a DaVinci Vape. Head over and see the best place to buy the DaVinci Vaporizer online

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  • Steve

    The snorkel did not wear well for us. The straw quickly separated from the rubber attachment that holds it to the DaVinci unit. Gentle use, too.
    No warranty either.