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On May 14, 2012
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The DaVinci vaporizer comes equipped with many features including a storage area for extra material and "oil can" attachments for use concentrates. Strong points include a deep herb chamber and very efficient and consistent vaporization. Despite some minor issues the DaVinci dependably produces superb quality vapor with little effort. One of the most promising portables to be released in recent history.

DaVinci Vape

The DaVinci Vaporizer doesn’t really look like much at first glance. It actually kind of looks like a walkman or something, not a vaporizer. Upon further inspection though you really get to see where the DaVinci vaporizer shines. But how does it stack up overall and where does it rank in the ever crowded portable vaporizer market? Let’s take an in depth look.Like most portable vaporizers, the DaVinci Vape has a tiny build. If you are at all familiar with the Wispr by Iolite it is a similar shape, but more rounded and overall smaller. For most this vape will be about the size of your hand, picture holding a smart phone. The design is also pretty slim, about an inch thick, making the DaVinci herbal vape comfortable to store right in your pocket. The only thing inhibiting it from truly being completely pocket size would be the mouthpiece, but it is threaded and easily unscrews from the DaVinci so it is not a major complaint. The mouthpiece is also flexible, not stiff, so that helps as well.

The DaVinci portable vaporizer has a digital temperature display right on the front, showing you accurately what temperature you are currently set at. When you adjust the temp with the up and down arrows it will then display what temp you are setting it to, before quickly switching back to displaying its current temperature. Above the temperature display is a small LED light that will glow red while the DaVinci Vaporizer is heating up and once it has reached your desired temperature the red light will turn green, giving you a second visual queue that it’s time to vape!

DaVinci Vape top view

The DaVinci Vape is light, comfortable to hold, and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Also on the face of the DaVinci portable vape is the heat button which begins to heat your vape to the temperature you set. Don’t confuse the heat button with the power button though, the power switch is located on the right hand side of the DaVinci Vaporizer and must be switched on for the vaporizer to do anything. Lastly, you have the vent on the face of the DaVinci which actively disperses extra heat to make sure the vape doesn’t overheat.

It isn’t until you open up the cap to the herb chamber that you realize how packed the DaVinci Vape is with useful features. There is both a storage compartment and a cleaning brush stored in the chamber. The storage compartment pulls out and actually holds 3x the amount needed to pack the vape. They advertise it holds 3x the amount needed per pack and I am here to tell you that is an accurate estimate. The brush is tiny, but fits right in its little resting area and works perfectly for cleaning the vape.

You will also notice a small container with a screen at the bottom that unscrews like a cap. This screen drops directly down onto the top of the “oil can” that comes with the DaVinci handheld vaporizer(you actually receive two oil cans). The oil can is then inserted into the standard herb chamber. When the oil can isn’t in there is acts as another screen stopping material from making its way through to the mouthpiece. Innovative design all around.

Front panel DaVinci vape

The DaVinci vaporizer’s exterior features dual power buttons, a bright display with battery level indicator and digital temperature control.

The herb chamber holds a very nice amount, which is very important for a portable vape. The smaller the herb chamber, the less portable in my opinion. Once I packed the chamber I shut the cap and set my temp to 385° Fahrenheit and then hit the heat button. The DaVinci Vape was immediately off and running, heating up in a little over a minute. Once it hit temperature I gave it another 10 seconds or so before pulling. The first pull was pretty glorious, giving out a nice, flavorful and thick vapor.

Each pull was just like the last until it eventually thinned out a little. So I flicked the cap up, gave my material a stir and wouldn’t you know, at least 4-5 more fresh pulls. A lot of portable vapes see good results after stirring, but the DaVinci Vaporizer really shows some awesome results. Also I used the stem of the brush to stir the material, so consider the brush a stir tool as well. When I dumped out the used material nearly all of it came out and anything that didn’t, the handy little mini brush took care of quickly. From there the storage tray is right above the herb chamber, so pulling it open and dumping a little more out into the chamber was so easy and convenient I couldn’t really believe it.

The battery life on the DaVinci’s lithium-ion battery is pretty decent, lasting about 45 continuous minutes. The auto shut off feature kicks in a little too quick for my taste, but I can’t knock something for being on the safe side. Also, if your battery completely dies on you simply plug the DaVinci Vape in because it can be used while charging, even on a completely dead battery. Awesome, awesome feature.

DaVinci vaporizer inside

The inside of the DaVinci features an herb storage area, cleanign brush/tool, and a deep stainless steel herb chamber.

Using the oil can was surprisingly easy as well. I filled the can with my material of choice and then slid it right into the oil can holder that is in the top of the DaVinci’s herb chamber cap. The pulls, just like the pulls when using herb, were thick and comfortable. To make my point as short as possible, don’t look at the oil can as just a throw on to the DaVinci portable vaporizer. This feature was well thought out and implemented just as well.

From start to finish the DaVinci Vaporizer really impressed me. Everything about it is as convenient as can be and the vapor quality is up there with the top dog portable vapes out now. I highly recommend the DaVinci herbal vaporizer to anyone not only looking for a great portable, but a great vape to use anywhere, including home.

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  • PFB1500

    I have had my DaVinci for about two months. 
    I feel it was a great purchase and would recommend to all that want a reliable portable Vape. 
    I have seen the posts about plastic taste but have experienced good flavor. 
    I had one issue with my unit and Organix customer service was top notch. 
    I have a Atmos, Solo, and the Davinci. The only one I would return is the Atmos Raw because it really is not a vaporizer. 
    Give the DaVinci a try – you will not be sorry. 
    Stay Green. 

  • Randy Winer

    I have had mine for 3 months and use it every day.  today the chamber began smoking when the vaporizer on but open (noticed it when I opened the chamber to stir the contents)…………………..does anyone know what may have caused this, do I have reason to be concerened and how to I get rid of it?   It happened with the vape set at around 365 degrees.

    • Geo

      Dude, it’s just build-up burning off.

  • Tgoverwayne

    i have had my Davinci Vape for about two months now and it has stopped charging! allready, You’d think spending 300$ on “the most advance vaporizer” you would get service at the headshop you bought it from or the website but no, that is not the case. and just to top it off i have no clue how to get it apart it is built with the nicest exterior i have seen can’t even seem to scratch it but can’t even get in it to address the problem PLEASE HELP! contact me at (

  • After 3 months, the on/off button started sticking, and then shortly after that the green light would not come on anymore. It turns on but does not get hot. I spent $200 on this thing! I sent THIS COMPANY an e-mail regarding their faulty product, but I didn’t even receive a reply. They must not want to admit that this product is not reliable, only after a couple of months!. It would be awesome if it would WORK! This is totally unacceptable and unprofessional.

  • zach

    If your going to spent 150
    to 250 on a vaporizer you want it to last or be able to work with the
    manufacture and from my experience neither of those things have happened.

  • Lost

    No f**…. pic or vid on bottom screen removal ? 🙁

  • LonerStoner

    yall are buggin the Davinci is the shiiiiiiit. I heat up my herbs on the bus everyday on my way to school and every weekend on my way to work. and it gives off little to no smell at all. I even vape in the grocery store. Ive had my unit for only 5months now but so far it hasn;t let me down. I almost went with the magic flight box, So glad I didn’t. Well worth the money. ^_^

  • doggywide

    Hi I bought one of these today and when I turn it on the red light comes on to heat it gets veryhot totouch but the red light turns blue instead of green when it gets to the right temp. Im not used to vaporisers but at the highest temp there is no vapour and my materials dont seem to be cooked. Any sudgestions as to why ? Thanks

    • Mary

      I just used my Da Vinci for the first time with my medical marijuana. I researched a lot of vaporizer and I’m glad I decided on this one. I just hope it holds up. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but really did not want to smoke. I can’t wait for the next time I use it!

  • Loki

    Hi, Got my Davinci from ebay and after getting it I realised that its not charging. Tested the charger and found it alright. It seems problem is with charging port of Davinci. Does anyone know how to open Davinci?

    thanks in advance for your help.

    • Cass G

      It has to be turned on while charging the unit

  • BullishBill

    Got 2 from davinci and had same issues nothin repaired ive sent it back 2 month ago and ill propably never see it again . SCAM