DaVinci Vaporizer VS Vapor BLUNT

I had to pit the new DaVinci Vape against another vaporizer I have been using almost non stop since its release, the VaporBLUNT. These two vapes definitely have a lot in common, but which one has the edge? Time to take a closer look and throw these two portable vaporizers under the microscope. Vapor Quality The VaporBLUNT undeniably has excellent vapor quality. When you pack the Vapor BLUNT’s herb... read more

Tips and Tricks

Tips Before Use When you pack the DaVinci Vape make sure you load your material to the top, don’t loosely pack it. Every time I packed the DaVinci herbal vape loosely I wasn’t getting nearly the results I was looking for, which of course is large smooth vapor pulls. Also, avoid packing the oil can with herbs, it might seem like it would add some punch, but in the end it really does... read more


The DaVinci Vape is pretty much oozing awesome features, so much so that it can be hard to keep track of them all, but I’ll do my best.Removable Flexi-Straw: The DaVinci Vape has a flexible mouthpiece that is also threaded so you can easily remove it. This is a huge advantage because if you find the mouthpiece to be holing the DaVinci back from truly being pocket size you can just unscrew it quickly... read more

DaVinci Portable Vaporizer Review

The DaVinci Vaporizer doesn’t really look like much at first glance. It actually kind of looks like a walkman or something, not a vaporizer. Upon further inspection though you really get to see where the DaVinci vaporizer shines. But how does it stack up overall and where does it rank in the ever crowded portable vaporizer market? Let’s take an in depth look.Like most portable vaporizers, the... read more

Is the DaVinci butane powered, like the Wispr?

No it is not. The DaVinci Vape uses a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery to power it. You will never have to fuss with any 3rd party accessories, such as butane, to keep your DaVinci up and running. Simply plug it in to recharge and use at the same time, even if the battery is dead. Find out where to buy the DaVinci Vape read more