Ascent Vaporizer Review

The Ascent. What a name. Makes you think of Everest or somethin’ and some long journey to the top. But we’re not talking mountains of rock here, we’re talking mountains of vapor. And that is a darn near-close description of just how fruitful and efficacious the new Ascent vaporizer happens to be. Lucky me, I got one not long ago on a limited pre-release to play with and share my thoughts... read more

DaVinci Vaporizer VS Vapor BLUNT

I had to pit the new DaVinci Vape against another vaporizer I have been using almost non stop since its release, the VaporBLUNT. These two vapes definitely have a lot in common, but which one has the edge? Time to take a closer look and throw these two portable vaporizers under the microscope. Vapor Quality The VaporBLUNT undeniably has excellent vapor quality. When you pack the Vapor BLUNT’s herb... read more

How to Use

Step 1: Turn on the DaVinci Vape Start by taking the switch on the right hand side of the DaVinci Vaporizer and flicking it to the up/on position. This will illuminate the DaVinci’s digital temperature display, showing room temperature. Step 2: Set the temperature on the DaVinci Now use the up and down buttons to adjust the DaVinci Vape to your desired temperature. I suggest starting around 385°... read more