Info and How To Collect on the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Ok guys, so a lot to cover here. I’m gonna go over the warranty information first and then tell you what to do should the need ever arise to utilize said coverage. First thing you need to know is that the batteries are not covered in the two-year warranty. They only have a 90 day limited warranty attached to them, so heads up on this little nuance. Everything else will be covered, provided you... read more

Ascent Vaporizer FAQ

Does the Ascent make a lot of noise when heating up? In a word. No. In a few more words, not at all. Like it’s big brother The DaVinci, it runs silent. This makes it ideal for the ultimate discretion in hand-held vaping. How big is the Ascent? The Ascent is about the size of a typical higher end mobile device like but a bit thicker and heavier – so definitely pocket size. Although the Ascent... read more

How To Use The Ascent Vaporizer

Step 1: Turn on the Ascent Vaporizer Up top, there is a little power button. Give it a press, and the OLED screen jumps to life, displaying the baseline temperature reading. If this fails to happen, check your batteries. They may need a bit of voltage. Step 2: Heating the Ascent Vaporizer On the back side of the unit, there is a temperature toggle that will allow you to increase or decrease your desired... read more

Ascent Vaporizer Review

The Ascent. What a name. Makes you think of Everest or somethin’ and some long journey to the top. But we’re not talking mountains of rock here, we’re talking mountains of vapor. And that is a darn near-close description of just how fruitful and efficacious the new Ascent vaporizer happens to be. Lucky me, I got one not long ago on a limited pre-release to play with and share my thoughts... read more

DaVinci Vape VS ThermoVape T1

The ThermoVape T1 is one of the newer portable vaporizers depending on rechargeable batteries that are recharged externally. The usual advantage to these is super fast heat up times, the T1 is no different. So let’s see how it compares to the DaVinci Vape. Vapor Quality The T1 vape delivers a mediocre vapor quality at best. I found that I had to hold the battery chamber in far too long to get the... read more

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