Best Places to Use the DaVinci Vaporizer

Being as portable as it is, the DaVinci Vape opens some doors in terms of places you can use it. I wanted to list the top 5 places I’ve used mine without any trouble. Concerts If you can get it inside, the DaVinci vaporizer is a great vape to use among huge crowds. The vapor is never too overbearing as far as smell and the small hand held design can easily be hidden. I’ve used this a few times,... read more

DaVinci Vape VS ThermoVape T1

The ThermoVape T1 is one of the newer portable vaporizers depending on rechargeable batteries that are recharged externally. The usual advantage to these is super fast heat up times, the T1 is no different. So let’s see how it compares to the DaVinci Vape. Vapor Quality The T1 vape delivers a mediocre vapor quality at best. I found that I had to hold the battery chamber in far too long to get the... read more