How To Use The Ascent Vaporizer

Step 1: Turn on the Ascent Vaporizer Up top, there is a little power button. Give it a press, and the OLED screen jumps to life, displaying the baseline temperature reading. If this fails to happen, check your batteries. They may need a bit of voltage. Step 2: Heating the Ascent Vaporizer On the back side of the unit, there is a temperature toggle that will allow you to increase or decrease your desired... read more

Tips and Tricks

Before Use: When packing the DaVinci Vape you can actually take an oil can and use it to pack your material down. The oil can is the exact size of the chamber, well a tiny bit smaller, so it can fit down to pack the material in whereas your finger can’t. Always use the mini cleaning brush to make sure there is no material leftover anywhere inside the chamber. Any leftover material still resting in... read more

DaVinci Vape VS Iolite

The Iolite is one of the most popular portable vapes to ever hit the market. Mostly due to its extreme portability. How does the newer DaVinci Vape stack up when compared to the Iolite? Let’s find out. Vapor Quality The Iolite produces some pretty thick vapor when used right and there is very little resistance when you draw, which is nice. My problem with the Iolite’s vapor though, is that you... read more

DaVinci Vaporizer VS Vapor BLUNT

I had to pit the new DaVinci Vape against another vaporizer I have been using almost non stop since its release, the VaporBLUNT. These two vapes definitely have a lot in common, but which one has the edge? Time to take a closer look and throw these two portable vaporizers under the microscope. Vapor Quality The VaporBLUNT undeniably has excellent vapor quality. When you pack the Vapor BLUNT’s herb... read more

DaVinci Vaporizer Pelican Case Sports Kit

I recently snagged the new DaVinci Vape Pelican Case Sports Kit online and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the purchase. If you aren’t familiar with this vape at all, you can read our full DaVinci Vaporizer review before reading about this new kit. The first thing that will obviously catch your eye, and really what this whole kit is all about, is the custom Pelican case. I don’t have... read more