Ascent Vaporizer FAQ

Does the Ascent make a lot of noise when heating up? In a word. No. In a few more words, not at all. Like it’s big brother The DaVinci, it runs silent. This makes it ideal for the ultimate discretion in hand-held vaping. How big is the Ascent? The Ascent is about the size of a typical higher end mobile device like but a bit thicker and heavier – so definitely pocket size. Although the Ascent... read more

DaVinci vs. WISPR by Iolite

Find out how the DaVinci Vape stacks up against one of its biggest competitors, the Wispr by Iolite. Read on to see what the results are and decide for yourself. Vapor Quality The Wispr gives off what I can best describe as an “airy” like vapor. It isn’t bad, but you can tell a lot of air is mixing in with the vapor. Some actually prefer this as it can make the vapor cooler before inhalation. On... read more