Info and How To Collect on the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Ok guys, so a lot to cover here. I’m gonna go over the warranty information first and then tell you what to do should the need ever arise to utilize said coverage. First thing you need to know is that the batteries are not covered in the two-year warranty. They only have a 90 day limited warranty attached to them, so heads up on this little nuance. Everything else will be covered, provided you... read more

Ascent Vaporizer FAQ

Does the Ascent make a lot of noise when heating up? In a word. No. In a few more words, not at all. Like it’s big brother The DaVinci, it runs silent. This makes it ideal for the ultimate discretion in hand-held vaping. How big is the Ascent? The Ascent is about the size of a typical higher end mobile device like but a bit thicker and heavier – so definitely pocket size. Although the Ascent... read more

Ascent Vaporizer: What We Know So Far

Are you ready for the Ascent? That’s the question many a vape enthusiast have been asking themselves, and I’m pretty sure they all have concluded YES. Let’s go over what we know about one of the latest-and-greatest upcoming vapes on the scene. First off is the price, which we don’t have yet. But you can safely assume something a bit over the $200 that the company’s flagship... read more

Where to Buy

What you need to know before buying the DaVinci or Ascent Vaporizer: Customer service now a days is a lost art. Call their supplied phone number, send them an email, see if they have a live chat function. The DaVinci Vape isn’t an easy buy for everyone and if something goes wrong you want to be sure you will be taken care of. Customer reviews can often give you a good glimpse into how a company does... read more