Tips and Tricks

Before Use:

When packing the DaVinci Vape you can actually take an oil can and use it to pack your material down. The oil can is the exact size of the chamber, well a tiny bit smaller, so it can fit down to pack the material in whereas your finger can’t.

Always use the mini cleaning brush to make sure there is no material leftover anywhere inside the chamber. Any leftover material still resting in there is going to get even worse if you pile fresh material on top. It severely affects the taste as well.

During Use:

Before heating the DaVinci Vaporizer up take the mini cleaning brush out. Reason being is you can use the stem side of the brush to stir your material half way through use and get the most out of your material.

Towards the end of your session, turn the heat up to around 410° – 420° Fahrenheit and it will milk every last little bit out of your material.

When you sue the oil can to pack dry herb down you can even close the lid to help push it down further for a really tight pack.

After Use:

Just like you would stir the material with the stem end of the mini cleaning brush, you can also use it to remove used material as well as scrape the herb chamber walls. Easy cleaning tactic.

Remove the screen cap where the oil cans go, even if you don’t use the oil cans, and shove the mini brush up there. Some material finds its way up there and after a while it can block vapor flow.

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  • JVMD420

    also make sure ur davinci is still warm before unscrewing the screen on hinge. much easier to do.

  • JD

    What is the charger connection called? Is it 3.5 mm? i.e to buy a generic version that has a usb end