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DaVinci Vaporizer Tips

The DaVinci is the first handheld vaporizer to provide a storage area, seen here, which is both practical and useful.

Tips Before Use

  • When you pack the DaVinci Vape make sure you load your material to the top, don’t loosely pack it. Every time I packed the DaVinci herbal vape loosely I wasn’t getting nearly the results I was looking for, which of course is large smooth vapor pulls. Also, avoid packing the oil can with herbs, it might seem like it would add some punch, but in the end it really does nothing.
  • Don’t fuss with your fingers trying to get all the herb into the chamber. Since the cap to the DaVinci’s herb chamber makes it so you don’t have a straight shot to the bottom of the chamber you are naturally going to get some material spread out around the edge. Simply take the brush and gently brush all the stray material in.

Word to the wise: Do not neglect that beautiful little mini brush right there in the herb chamber.

Tips During Use

  • If you find the DaVinci Vaporizer is heating up to the touch a little too much for your taste make sure you are NOT blocking the vent on the front at all. Even cupping your hand around it will cause it to heat up, so keep that part clear at all times.
  • Halfway through your session if you feel like the vapor is thinning out it means it is time to stir the material. Flip open the herb chamber cap, take the cleaning brush out, and use the non-brush side to give your material a quick stir.
  • If your DaVinci Vape dies mid session this would normally mean disaster with any other portable vape, but not with the DaVinci. Simply plug your DaVinci portable vape into the charger and turn it back on. The DaVinci Vaporizer can operate while on the charger, even with a completely dead battery.

Tips After Use

  • If you are using an oil can it is imperative that you dump them in ISO alcohol right after each use. The oil cans can get messed up pretty fast if you leave leftover material sitting in there.
  • Use the DaVinci Vape’s brush to not only get excess material out of the chamber, but also the mouthpiece threading and small lines you see in the chamber. It is really easy for material to make its way in there and even harder to get out later once it starts to build up.

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  • dick

    My vaporizer quit after only a couple months.  When I turn on the power, I get the blue screen, but I can’t activate the little indicator light above the blue screen.  Also, the blue screen is blank now, no numbers.  Any help?

    • Cj5426

       I would call either who you purchased it from (if it is from Amazon or eBay this may not help) or call the manufacturer directly. I’m sure there is something they can do.

    • Davinrayroussel

      Mine just went blank after charging it I turned it on and the light lit up blue and the screen is blank and blue.

    • JustGotaVape

      did you ever figure this out?

      • meh

        i had this problem, had to send it in for warranty and received a new one

  • JerryInDFW

    A good tip they missed is that you can use one of the oil cans to help pack your material in the lower chamber.

  • dvlove

    Is it necessary to remove brush when heating and vaping, or is it OK to leave in?