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DaVinci vaporizer sale

Knowing what to avoid when shopping for a new vaporizer online can be difficult.

What you need to know before buying the DaVinci or Ascent Vaporizer:

  • Customer service now a days is a lost art. Call their supplied phone number, send them an email, see if they have a live chat function. The DaVinci Vape isn’t an easy buy for everyone and if something goes wrong you want to be sure you will be taken care of.
  • Customer reviews can often give you a good glimpse into how a company does business.
  • How many times have you seen waited for days for an online order to ship? Pretty bad. Worse yet, a seller that offers free shipping but takes 5-7 days to arrive! Find a retailer who offers same day shipping when you order before a certain time. Where I bought from had same day shipping on any order approved before 4PM. Put my order mid-afternoon and had a tracking number 15 minutes later.
  • Find a vendor with all the replacement parts you might need down the road, it sucks to have to try and scout out a new source just to try and get a few replacement parts. The screens on the DaVinci Vaporizer don’t last terribly long, you do get some extras when you order it but they get sticky and “clogged” pretty fast. If you rarely clean screens like me, that could cause a minor catastrophe when you need your vapor fix!
  • For a smoother experience with your DaVinci portable vape definitely check out their extended flexi-straw “snorkel” attachment.

So where’s the best place to buy the DaVinci Vape?

There are quite a few places to find the DaVinci herbal vaporizer online, many of which are drop shippers or warehouse sellers which are not very familiar with the products they sell. Often, they don’t stock the parts or are unable to honor the manufacturer’s warranty. Avoid sellers like these at all costs.

My choice when purchasing my DaVinci Vape online was, for a number of reasons. First and foremost I’ve dealt with them before and know they conduct business in a fast, efficient, and discreet manner. Secondly,they are giving away a matching 2 piece Diamond Grind brand grinder when you order the DaVinci. Diamond Grind is a hell of a good (and expensive) grinder to get for free, especially since it matches the color of my new DaVinci. Secondly, free priority shipping. I don’t like waiting for things, especially the various delights I procure online. I got my DaVinci Vaporizer on Wednesday after placing my order Monday. Nuff said. Did I mention the rewritable herb storageĀ  jar they also throw in? Definitely doesn’t hurt to have.

On top of all this I was lucky enough to get 10% off and if you use coupon code 2502 at checkout, you will too. šŸ˜‰

I felt like I was gettingĀ  the complete set-up. I know is a name I can trust and a company that delivers on its promises. All in all it was a deal I couldn’t say no to and I was not disappointed in the end.

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  • Guest

    Super helpful, saved me $25 and I got a free grinder and storage container. Thank you.

  • Brycepapy

    My davincis screen stopped working. It rarely ever works right anymore and it will say its dead even on a full charge! I have been so frusterated with it and i dont know how to fix it! If you could please help me out with what i should do… email me at thankyou

  • DC

    I found a cheaper price at